How to Buy Nimbus (NBU) Token in India?

Are you looking for the best exchange in India to buy Nimbus (NBU)? Then, you have landed at the right place. By using this guide, you can easily know how to buy Nimbus with INR on Koinbazar. Before we get into this, let’s see an overview of Nimbus (NBU).

Koinbazar has recently launched the cryptocurrency exchange mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms. With this app, you can buy, sell, and trade your favorite cryptocurrencies instantly. Traders who download and sign in to the app will get FREE 10,000 SHIBA INU tokens instantly gets deposited into your koinbazar account.

What is Nimbus (NBU)?

Nimbus is a DAO-governed network of dApps that provides users with 16 revenue sources including IPO participation, lending, cryptocurrency trading, and more. It puts top financial and investment products at your fingertips that have never been offered in bitcoin before.

The main purpose of creating Nimbus DAO is to provide a fair, transparent, and safe platform. We have four dApps and several more pools that allow for 16 different earning possibilities. The apps include Crypto-Trading dApp, Crowdfunding dApp, Lending-Borrowing dApp, and IPO Hub dApp.

How do investors buy Nimbus (NBU) in India?

Like other major cryptocurrencies, Nimbus is also available on several exchanges. Do you want to buy Nimbus with INR? Then Koinbazar would be one of the best crypto exchange platforms where you can buy, sell, and exchange Nimbus safe. Koinbazar offers an instant INR deposit and withdrawal option that helps traders to deposit funds instantly and start trading comfier.

How to buy Nimbus in India from Koinbazar?

Do you want to buy NBU with INR? Follow the below-mentioned steps,

Step 1:

Visit Koinbazar.

Step 2:

If you are already a registered user, choose ‘SIGN IN’ at the top right corner of the website to log into your account. If you are a new user, click ‘SIGN UP’ in the top-right corner to register your account.

Step 3:

After you sign into the account, choose “MY ACCOUNT” at the top right corner of the page. Update the requested details to build your profile.

Step 4:

Choose KYC verification under “MY ACCOUNT”.

Step 5:

Update the KYC authentication section requested details and identity certificates should be updated and then click ‘SAVE’.

Step 6:

Choose ‘BANK DETAILS’ and update your required information. Then, click “SUBMIT”. Once the admin approved, you will be able to deposit and withdraw your funds from your Koinbazar wallet.

Step 7:

Once the admin approved your bank details, Choose “Funds” from the top right corner of the menu and select “Deposit”.

Step 8:

Choose the “Fiat” option from the deposit. Your desired funds are to be deposited in the form of fiat currency.

Step 9:

Then choose the ‘Manual Deposit’ option and update the required information and also instant INR deposit options available. Your transferred amount will be credited to your Koinbazar wallet after being reviewed by the admin.

Step 10:

Once your funds get deposited, go to the home page and select ‘TRADE’.

Step 11:

On the trading page, choose the “INR” market and select NBU/INR pair to buy Nimbus instantly.

Step 12:

At the bottom left of the page, start trading by setting the order type and order value you would like to buy.

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