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Earn 6 Figures As A Consultant

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The word “consultant” is now used in many industries to describe specialised skilled individuals hired by companies to perform a specific job. Consultants are generally paid a premium, either as an employee on a large salary or as a contractor at a lucrative daily rate. If you want to improve your income and change your career prospects, could you consider becoming a consultant?
Here are five critical areas to focus on if you want to earn a 6 figure salary as a consultant.

1) Specialisation. If you are just starting out, choose the area you are going to specialise in carefully. Does it pay the amount required? How many companies require this skill? Are those companies based where you want to live? If you already have a career, which of your skills would lend themselves to consultancy? Can you see yourself as a specialist in this area? Make sure your chosen area of specialisation is future proof and will not become obsolete. For example, software developers should specialise in programming languages that will continue to be widely used. Focus and get experience in that area. Get certification if necessary. Only put yourself forward for roles that will add to your area of specialisation. Keep up to speed with new developments in the area.

2) Know the market. Talk to other consultants and recruitment agencies about what is available and what is required for the jobs you are interested in. Do you need your own company so you can invoice directly to your clients? Do you want to join a consultancy firm to gain experience first before setting out on your own? What do the companies require in order to pay the premium rate?

3) Have a great resume and good interview skills. Strip your resume of peripherals and non-relevant experience. Concentrate on expanding the areas of your resume that are about your specialist area. Have recommendations and references available that relate to the specific work you will consult in. Professional networking websites e.g. Linked In are good tools for promoting yourself and finding opportunities through colleagues.

4) Be flexible. Consultants often have to work at different companies, in different cities or even countries in their work. Daily financial benefits are often given for working out of town, but this may not fit with family life or work/life balance. Know what your limits are before signing a contract. Being flexible about the role itself is also important. Job descriptions, particularly for contract work, are often loosely defined. Adaptation to the changing demands of the job are therefore required. Your contract is more likely to get renewed if you are flexible.

5) Be confident. Consultants are confident in their abilities and portray this to their clients. Even if they don’t know the answer, they are confident enough to say that they will find out within a short time-frame. They deliver value for money and so are confident in their daily rate/salary level.

Being a consultant has its pros and cons, just like any job. There is the freedom to move on, autonomy, project based work and financial reward. But there are also stressful deadlines, overwork and too much travel, job uncertainty and not being paid for off days. It is not for everyone, but if you love change and are confident in your abilities, it is a great career choice.

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Franchise Consultants – Bringing Franchising Opportunities To You

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Purchasing and running a franchise business can be an excellent option for many people with an entrepreneurial spirit. These types of businesses provide a way to actually go into business for yourself, but not by yourself. They take much of the guess work out of operating a company. Still, there are many questions to be answered when considering whether or not purchasing one of these ventures is right for you. This is where seeking the aid of a franchise consultant can help.

What is a franchise consultant?

Basically, franchise consultants help negotiate deals between franchisors and potential buyers. These advisors provide benefits to both the parent companies, as well as to prospective buyers. For the potential buyer, the consultant can help refer you to opportunities specifically geared toward your own personal interests and desires. For the franchisor, the consultant can help by referring both appropriate and qualified prospects.

Creating Your Profile

One of the first things a franchise consultant will do is to assemble a detailed profile for any and all prospective businesses. This profile is compiled in order to match the franchisee with the most suitable business opportunities and will consist of the client’s experience, interests, goals, financial situation, qualifications, and any other information that will enable the advisor to find the most suitable opportunities for that particular buyer. Candidates are questioned at length to determine what type of businesses they are interested in and to determine what types of businesses best fit their profile.

What are the advantages to using a consultant?

A qualified and trusted franchise consultant can be your greatest resource when deciding to delve into this branch of the business world. These expert counselors provide expertise and guidance throughout the entire process. They can help you decide whether or not you yourself should consider purchasing a franchise, and, should you decide to purchase one, how to go about doing it. An experienced specialist will help you understand the pros and cons of owning your own business, and can recommend opportunities based on your own personal lifestyle and business goals.

In addition, franchise consultants can provide you with education pertaining to the various types of ownership, investment options, costs, fees, financing options, training, etc. Another advantage to using a business mentor is the fact that an experienced guide will initiate communication with franchisor company representatives, allowing you to get your foot in the door. From this point, your advisor will provide you with ongoing support throughout the entire transaction and will answer any questions you may have.

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How an HR Consulting Company Could Benefit You

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If you want your company to run as effectively as possible then an HR consulting company could be just what you need.

All companies know that their HR department is one of the most important departments that they have. Helping to ensure that everything is running properly, the HR team have an extremely tough job on their hands. By getting the help of a consulting company, they can advise you on a number of different things including employment law and they may also be able to provide you with software. Various types of software can help to make your job a whole lot easier. Generally the consulting company will tell you how you can make changes to improve the running of the human resources department and hence improve the running of the company.

How the HR Consulting Process Works

When you hire a consulting service, they will look at the way in which the HR department is currently run. They will then tell you how you can make changes to save you money, time and to make the most of your HR management. They will show you exactly how various systems can help you to have a more productive department and they can also inform you of the latest employment laws. Keeping on top of such laws is important and it can save you a lot of hassle too.

One particular way in which an HR consultant can help you is by creating staff employment contracts. They can also provide your business with company handbooks which explain everything clearly to your employees. As an employer you have a duty to inform your employees of their rights and of the different employment laws. They also need to know the grievance policy as well as holiday entitlement and sick pay. An HR consultant can take the strain off the HR department by creating this booklet for you.

Many employers are caught out by employment law because they do not keep on top of it. The different employment laws are changing all of the time and if you don’t keep track of them you could end up being taken to an employment tribunal. HR consultants will be able to keep you informed of any changes that you need to be aware of. This will include things such as minimum wage, maternity leave, anti-discrimination laws and equal opportunities. So with an HR consultant there is no need to be caught out by such changes and faced with a large compensation payout.

Overall the human resources department is essential in any company. So if you want your company to run as efficiently as possible then hiring an HR consulting company would definitely be a good idea.

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Rhode Island Divorce – Free Consultations, You Get What You Pay For

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Sadly, they don’t apply just to Rhode Island divorce consultations… rather it would seem that it is a trend that it applies to most free consultations involving any area of law. So what is it? It’s the lack of good, solid legal advice.

Certainly this blog article sounds cynical. Here I am a divorce lawyer and of course I have my own opinion on things and I’m certain their are exceptions to my way of thinking and what I have witnessed… in fact, I am one of those exceptions. Yet I see very few attorneys who are quite like me.

You’ve heard the saying…”you get what you pay for”, right?! Well, assuming for a moment that in a Rhode Island Divorce matter or any Rhode Island legal case for that matter that you have a “free” consultation that is given by a Rhode Island lawyer, what kind of advice do you think you are going to get from the attorney that is not getting paid for giving you valuable advice in the profession that is intended to put money on the table for him and his family and pay the bills. You can draw your own conclusions here. My answer is the simple one… you get what you pay for… you pay nothing… you get nothing.

Another consideration is how much time the Rhode Island Divorce lawyer is giving you during this “free consultation”. Is he or she willing to answer all your questions? Does the attorney provide you with clear cut answers to the questions he or she will answer or do they muddy the waters and say that there are too many “variables” to give you a definitive answer without explaining what those legal variables even are?

Most people get a referral from a friend, family member, the internet or the yellow pages to find a divorce lawyer. Hey, you have to start somewhere, right? And there’s nothing wrong with that. The second part of the process is usually to ask if the Rhode Island Divorce lawyer provides free consultations (at least in my experience my clients and prospective clients stated that they asked this during their search).

The bottom line is not only common sense but it is a practical answer. Attorneys give legal advice and representation to clients for their living. That is what puts the food on the table, pays for the car payment, keeps the kids in ballet and martial arts and pays the house mortgage. Now consider that if an attorney gives you legal advice that you rely upon and the attorney is wrong…the attorney has liability and it’s entirely possible that they could have a malpractice lawsuit coming their way.

Now think about that. You are coming in the Divorce Attorney’s office for a free consultation. The attorney is going to get NOTHING from this consultation and you will be taking up his or her time which is used to pay his or her mortgage, car, etc… AND…if the attorney actually does give you solid legal advice about your legal rights and happen to make a mistake when you rely on it, they have the joy of knowing that you can sue them for legal malpractice.

So what does this tell you about the attorney who offers free consultations if he or she is REALLY going to give you usable information? It tells you that you have one extraordinary attorney there.

Why? Because this attorney is going to take time with you for NO MONEY. During that time this attorney is going to give you valuable legal advice that should cost you $200 an hour. Then when you leave that attorney has to be certain that he or she was right otherwise the attorney could end up on the receiving end of a lawsuit for legal malpractice. And what did the attorney receive for that pleasure? NOTHING! No compensation! No guaranteed client!

So what is the moral of this article? Shop around. It is a very bad idea to cast attorneys aside who charge a fee for a consultation. If they are going to charge you a fee don’t you think that the attorney expects to give you valuable information you can bank on? Absolutely!

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Job Recruitment Consultants

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Everybody dream of a good job after his or her school or college education. Lots of online job portals and job consultancies are there in UK to provide the best placement services. If you are a candidate looking for a good job or if you are looking for a good support in getting a job then go for a well established consultancy. Before selecting your consultant you need to check their experience. Checkout how long they have been in this field and their reputation.

Check their placement records and also check how many candidates got job through them and whether the persons who got the job through that consultancy are happy. Is the consultant giving the right job to the right candidate? These are the things you should be aware of while selecting your consultant. Check their tie ups, that is with how many companies they got tie up and the companies they are in tie up is best company or not.

Some consultancies take the candidates only for a particular section like finance or accounts etc but others take all types of degrees. Most of the consultancies charge for registration and the registration period will also be specified. That is they will give opportunities for 3 months or 6 months depending upon the fee and their company procedures. The other thing is that there may be some hidden conditions like paying the consultant a fixed amount based on your salary, once we get job through them.

Be aware about the consultancy and their conditions before registering with them, whether it is online or direct.

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